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The Rise of Augmented Reality

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Augmented Reality (AR) is making huge strides in 2019. More and more problems are being solved with AR; everything from Snap’s “Scan” platform offering help with your math homework, to the US Army improving its combat efficiency

With phones becoming ever more powerful, businesses are better able to benefit from AR applications. It’s a market that’s expected to reach nearly $100 billion by 2023, and consumers have shown their eagerness to embrace the technology over the years with the explosive popularity of apps like Snapchat and games like Pokemon Go.

The field is still young, and while large companies are laser-focused on specific applications of the tech, there are a plethora of markets and industries that could do with some AR attention. One such market is the event space.

There are a few ways AR can improve a brand’s live events. One way is through boosting engagement. Guests can interact with products in novel ways. Imagine seeing the new Toyota RAV4 projected in front of you, allowing you to circle around it and view it from all angles. Now imagine racing your own scaled-down RAV4 against other guests for prizes. This kind of interactivity helps drive engagement and ultimately sales. Gamification is a powerful driver of immersion and attention.

Another way is by enhancing presentations through AR integration. Think about how impressive the first ever PowerPoint presentation must have been to the audience. Augmented reality will let people experience the same level of captivation, which is now lost when every speech presents the same typical PowerPoint slides.

Augmented Reality applications are best enjoyed socially, so experiences that leverage on that fact work best. Whether it’s taking selfies with a life-sized bottle of vodka or scanning badges to receive virtual business cards, using augmented reality techniques in events helps bring people and brands together.

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